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The crew of an Air Force C-17 Globemaster III loads pallets of 55-gallon drums containing fuel at McChord Air Force Base, Wash., on April 12, 2005. Over 10,000 gallons of fuel were airdropped near the North Pole to aid the National Science Foundation scientists working there. This was the first North Pole airdrop for a C-17 Globemaster. Photo: USAF Kevin J Tosh Jr., via Wikimedia Commons.


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7 thoughts on “McChord Air Force Base/Joint Base Lewis-McChord

  1. I regularly watch for flights on Facebook and then travel from the Portland, OR, area, up to Camp Murray, WA, a day early and utilize their quarters for an overnight stay. {Billeting: 253-512-8861) Not in “Temporary Military Lodging” book. (McChord/Ft. Lewis is expensive and user-unfriendly.)

    Then, the day of the flight, I go over to the McChord Terminal, visit the fine USO outside the Terminal for a meal, park in the handy long term parking, and report in for my flight. Military staff is very friendly and gets you all set for your flight. (Usually, lots of seats available, too.) I was the ONLY PAX on a C-17 to Selfridge ANG Base in June, 2016.

    The McChord flights go all over the country/world and are not a problem to catch. I have flown Space-A about 20 times, all over the world, and NEVER had to use my sign-up data for a seat! This IS the way to travel. Just have a good book, time on your hands, plastic to get home on, and NO schedule.

    Not to mention that the Patriot Express flights to Asia leave from SEATAC International Airport and you can easily get to Japan and Korea. Again, stay at Camp Murray, leave your car at McChord in long term parking, take the shuttle to SEATAC, and off you go to sushi and kimchi without a problem.

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