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A U.S. Navy McDonnell Douglas C-9B Skytrain II (BuNo 163036) of Fleet Logistics Support Squadron VR-52 at the Naval Air Station Oceana, Virginia (USA). Date:: 1 August 1989. Photo: PH2 Bruce Trombecky, USN via Wikimedia Commons.


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One thought on “Oceana Naval Air Station

  1. Flew into here March 2015 on a Spring Break trip to NYC from Jacksonville, FL. Passenger terminal facilities are small, they have a handful of chairs in the desk area and a small waiting room with a couple of nondescript vending machines. The staff was very friendly. Flights are handwritten on a whiteboard behind the desk, and the desk is not always manned. You may have to wait a bit for the attendant to come back in off the flight line. No ground transportation available to anywhere, that we could find. This is a bare bones operation, but they do well with what they have. If you’re flying to the VA Beach/Norfolk area, its a good option, but don’t count on using it as a stopover for another flight. Thankfully after we found out our follow-on flight to McGuire was cancelled another Space-A Passenger offered us a ride to the Amtrak station about 30 minutes away, so we weren’t there long.

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