Tips For Getting Quality Rest On Your Flight


Whether on a commercial flight or flying space-a, getting a bit of shuteye in-flight can be a challenge! This article from The Luxury Travel Magazine shares some tips for getting quality rest while flying.

Tips For Getting Quality Rest
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“Seldom will you find anyone who cherishes having to make 15-hour international flights. Most people would be quick to admit it’s a real grind trying to survive through such an endeavor. That position should be easy to understand given the tight quarters and confinement each passenger has to endure.

If you are scheduling a long international flight, you might want to consider how you are going to get the sleep you need on the plane. A plane is not an environment that’s conducive to sleeping. Therefore, it will take a little bit of strategy on your part to maximize the chances you will get any sleep at all. To that end, here are six tips from experienced travelers that might help you in your quest…” ~ The Luxury Travel Magazine

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Source: Tips For Getting Quality Rest On Your Flight

Tips For Getting Quality Rest



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