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Naval Air Station Oceana, Va. Dam Neck Annex (Dec. 05, 2002) -- Students at the Navy Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center (NMITC) are trained as motivated and technologically proficient Intelligence Professionals. The NMITC provide dynamic, entry, intermediate, and advanced intelligence training for the Navy, the Marine Corps and other organizations in support of DoD requirements. U.S. Navy photo by Chief Photographer’s Mate Chris Desmond via Wikimedia Commons.)


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Facility Information

  • Address: 1912 Regulus Avenue, Bldg 127, Taylor Hall, Virginia Beach, VA 23461.
  • Information Line: C-757-444-0000.
  • Main Base Police: Dispatch, C-757-492-6302. Emergency, C-757-433-9111.
  • Main Installation Website: http://www.cnic.navy.mil/regions/cnrma/installations/nas_oceana/dam_neck_annex.html
  • Main Base Location: NAS Oceana Dam Neck Annex is located on the Atlantic coast, five miles south of the downtown resort of Virginia Beach.
  • Directions to Main Gate: From I-64: Take I-264 East toward Va Beach. Take Exit 21A/First Colonial Road/NAS Oceana. Continue past NAS Oceana to the General Booth Intersection and go right. Merge into the left lanes and travel to Dam Neck Road. Go left and follow Dam Neck Road to the main gate.
  • NMC: Virginia Beach, four miles northwest.
  • NMI: Oceana NAS, 7 miles northwest.
  • Area Cost of Living: Higher than the U.S. national average.
  • Main Base Population: 5,600 instructors, students, and support personnel.
  • Main Base Area Population: 447,020 in Virginia Beach.
  • Child and Youth Registration and Referral Phone Numbers: C-1-866-628-9232.
  • Barracks/Single Service Member Housing Phone Numbers: C-757-492-7013/7014, C-1-877-NAVYBED (628-9233).
  • Beneficiary Counseling Assistance Coordinators Phone Numbers: C-757-953-3881/3883/3884.
  • Chapels Phone Numbers: C-757-492-6602.
  • Civilian Personnel Office Phone Numbers: C-757-433-3221.
  • Deployment/Mobilization Phone Numbers: C-757-433-2912.
  • Finance Office Phone Numbers CIV/DSN/FAX: C-757-492-6704.
  • ID/CAC Card Processing Phone Numbers: C-757-492-7741.
  • Legal Services JAG Phone Numbers CIV/DSN/FAX: C-757-433-2230, DSN-312-433-2230.
  • Loan Closet Phone Numbers: C-757-433-2912.
  • Non-Appropriated Funds (NAF) Human Resources: C-757-433-2572, C-757-440-JOBS (5627).
  • PAO Phone Number: NAS Oceana C-757-433-3131.
  • Personnel Support Office Phone Numbers CIV/DNS/FAX: C-757-492-6331/6484, DSN-312-492-6704.
  • Household Goods/Transportation Office(Inbound) Phone Numbers CIV/DSN/FAX: C-757-443-3700, C-855-444-6683 (Helpline), DSN-312-646-3700.
  • Household Goods/Transportation Office(Outbound) Phone Numbers CIV/DSN/FAX: C-757-443-3700, C-855-444-6683 (Helpline), DSN-312-646-3700.
  • Housing Office/Government Housing Phone Numbers CIV/DSN/FAX: C-757-445-2832, C-800-628-7510, DSN-312-565-2832, C-757-433-3268/3368, DSN-312-433-3268/3368.
  • Housing Referral Office/Housing Privatization Phone Numbers CIV/DSN/FAX: C-757-445-2832, C-800-628-7510, DSN-312-565-2832.
  • Relocation Assistance Program Main Phone CIV/DSN/FAX: C-757-492-6342.
  • Relocation Assistance Program POC Phone CIV/DSN/FAX: C-757-492-7413.
  • Child Development Center: C-757-492-8685/8683.
  • Emergency Relief Services Phone Numbers: C-757-492-6449.
  • Family Advocacy Program Phone Numbers: C-757-492-6342 C-757-438-4180 On call after 4:00 pm weekdays and weekend.
  • Family Child Care/Child Development Homes Phone Numbers: C-1-866-628-9232.
  • EFMP Enrollment Phone Numbers: C-757-953-9906.
  • EFMP Family Support Phone Numbers: C-757-433-2912.
  • Family Center/Information: C-757-492-6342. Fax C-757-492-6361.
  • New Parent Support Program Phone Numbers: C-757-492-6342.
  • Dental Clinic: C-757-953-9854/9855.
  • Medical Phone Numbers CIV/DSN/FAX: C-757-953-9915.
  • Beauty/Barber Shop: C-757-492-7749.
  • Commissary Phone Numbers: Oceana NAS, C-757-428--6401.
  • Exchange Gas Phone Number: C-757-492-7794.
  • Exchange Main Phone Number: C-757-492-7745. Beach Package Store, C-757-492-6236.
  • Military Clothing: C-757-492-7780.
  • Financial Institutions: Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU): Dam Neck MSC C-757-422-6760.
  • Clubs Names and Phone Numbers: Shifting Sands, C-757-492-6146, C-757-492-6233. O Club, C-757-492-6913.
  • Places to Eat: Aeropines Golf Club Snack Bar, C-757-433-2937, Bowling Alley, C-757-492-6341, Mess Hall, C-757-492-6388/6748, McDonald’s, C-757-491-0359. Applebee’s, C-757-721-6469, Captain George’s, C-757-428-3494, Golden Corral, C-757-428-7608 and Pizza Hut, C-757-427-1111 are within driving distance.
  • Auto Hobby Shop Phone Numbers: C-757-433-3403.
  • Fitness Center Phone Numbers: C-757-492-6101/6631.
  • Golf Name and Phone Numbers: Aeropines Golf Club, Oceana, C-757-433-2866.
  • Horse Stables Phone Numbers: 757-433-3255.
  • Hunting & Fishing Info: Hunting (Seasonal), Fishing (Beach and Lake Fishing available.)
  • ITT/ITR: C-757-433-3301.
  • Outdoor Recreation: Oceana NAS Dam Neck Annex Outdoor Recreation Services.
  • MWR Phone Number: C-757-433-2560.
  • MWR Website: http://www.navymwroceanadamneck.com/
  • Outdoor Recreation Unique: NAS Oceana Outdoor Equipment Rental, C-757-433-3215.
  • Outdoor Recreation Text: Offers equipment rental, campers, boats, beach bike cruisers, party supplies, athletic equipment and more.
  • Skeet Range Name and Phone Number: C-757-433-2875.
  • Swimming Pools Name, Phone, and Text: Aeropalms at Oceana, C-757-433-2825. Ocean swimming.
  • Theater On Base Name and Phone Number: Aerotheater C-757-433-2495.
  • Things To Do: Enjoy the Atlantic Ocean beach, Virginia Beach boardwalk and beach activities.
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