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Marines with Marine Aircraft Group 24 dive in and set flares during annual mishap drill training in Kaneohe Bay, June 11. MAG-24 coordinated with Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 463, Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 367, Helicopter Antisubmarine Squadron Light 37, Patrol Squadron 9, Marine Corps Air Station Kaneohe Bay, Marine Corps Base Hawaii Waterfront Operations, Federal Fire Department, and the Honolulu Fire Department for this training event. Photo: USMC Lance Cpl Suzanna Lapi via Wikimedia Commons.


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Facility Information

  • Address: D Street & Mokapu Road, Building 216, Box 63073, MCBH Kaneohe Bay, HI 96863.
  • Information Line: OOD, C-808-257-7700.
  • Main Base Police: C-808-257-2123.
  • Main Installation Website: http://www.mcbhawaii.marines.mil/
  • Main Base Location: Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH) Kaneohe Bay is fondly referred to as K-Bay. It's located on the island of Oahu's Windward side on Mokapu Peninsula, and is 20 miles northeast of the Honolulu International Airport.
  • Directions to Main Gate: From I-H1: Exit to I-H3 north to Main Gate of Kaneohe Bay MCB. From Honolulu IAP: Take HI-1 west to H-3 interchange. Take HI-3 east to Kaneohe and continue to main gate, located off Mokapu Blvd and Kaneohe Bay.
  • NMC: Honolulu, 14 miles southwest.
  • NMI: Bellows AFS, 18 miles southeast.
  • Area Cost of Living: Higher than the U.S. national average.
  • Main Base Population: Over 25,000 Marines, sailors, family members and civilian employees live and work on MCBH.
  • Main Base Area Population: 374,660 in Honolulu.
  • Base Social Media/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarineCorpsBaseHawaii
  • Base Social Media/Twitter: https://twitter.com/MCBHawaii
  • Child and Youth Registration and Referral Phone Numbers: C-808-257-7430.
  • School Age Care Relocation Phone Numbers: C-808-257-7430, C-808-254-7610, C-808-456-1662 (Teen Center), C-808-254-7643 (Teen Center).
  • School Liaison Office/Community Schools Phone Numbers: C-808-630-8281.
  • Barracks/Single Service Member Housing Phone Numbers: C-808-257-2409.
  • Beneficiary Counseling Assistance Coordinators Phone Numbers: C-808-257-5041 ext. 388, C-808-473-2444 ext. 509.
  • Boss/Liberty Program Phone Number: C-808-254-7593.
  • Chapels Phone Numbers: C-808-257-3552/5138, C-808-257-7700 (After Hours Duty Chaplain).
  • Citizenship and Immigration Services Phone Numbers: C-1-800-375-5283, TTY, C-1-800-767-1833.
  • Civilian Personnel Office Phone Numbers: C-808-257-1377/1336.
  • Finance Office Phone Numbers CIV/DSN/FAX: C-808-257-7750.
  • ID/CAC Card Processing Phone Numbers: C-808-257-2077.
  • Legal Services JAG Phone Numbers CIV/DSN/FAX: C-808-257-4037/0074/2110, DSN-315-457-4037/0074/2110.
  • Loan Closet Phone Numbers: C-808-257-7790/7787.
  • Non-Appropriated Funds (NAF) Human Resources: C-808-254-7632/7626.
  • PAO Phone Number: C-808-257-8832.
  • Personal Financial Management Services Phone Numbers CIV/DSN/FAX: C-808-257-7783/7787, DSN-315-457-7783/7787.
  • Personnel Support Office Phone Numbers CIV/DNS/FAX: C-808-257-1582/3197/8575.
  • Retirement Services (RSO) Phone Numbers/Email: C-808-257-7790/7787.
  • Transportation CIV/DSN/FAX: On/Off Base Bus: The Bus, C-808-848-5555. K-Bay provides two shuttle buses for active duty members only. There is a shuttle to the Tripler Army Medical Center (TAMC) and a liberty bus program to accommodate the active duty Service member's weekends. No airport shuttle available. All transportation for travelers' is their own responsibility. It is best to plan on taking a commercial taxi or walking.
  • Travel Office Phone CIV/DSN/FAX: C-808-257-3566/6713 thru 6718, DSN-315-457-3566/6713 thru 6718.
  • Victim Advocate Services Phone Numbers: C-808-257-7784/8857.
  • Household Goods/Transportation Office(Inbound) Phone Numbers CIV/DSN/FAX: C-808-257-3566/6713 thru 6718, DSN-315-457-3566/6713 thru 6718.
  • Household Goods/Transportation Office(Outbound) Phone Numbers CIV/DSN/FAX: C-808-257-3566/6713 thru 6718, DSN-315-457-3566/6713 thru 6718.
  • Housing Office/Government Housing Phone Numbers CIV/DSN/FAX: C-808-257-1257, DSN-315-457-1257. C-808-839-8700.
  • Housing Referral Office/Housing Privatization Phone Numbers CIV/DSN/FAX: C-808-839-8700.
  • Relocation Assistance Program Main Phone CIV/DSN/FAX: C-808-257-7787.
  • Relocation Assistance Program POC Phone CIV/DSN/FAX: C-808-257-7787.
  • Welcome/Visitor's Center Phone Numbers: C-808-257-7790/7787.
  • Child Development Center: C-808-257-1388. Hourly Care, C-808-257-8354.
  • Community Center: Marine and Family Services, C-808-257-7790/7787.
  • Emergency Relief Services Phone Numbers: ARC, C-808-257-8848. NMCRS, C-808-257-1972.
  • Family Advocacy Program Phone Numbers: C-808-257-7780/7781.
  • Family Child Care/Child Development Homes Phone Numbers: C-808-257-7030.
  • EFMP Enrollment Phone Numbers: C-808-257-0290.
  • EFMP Family Support Phone Numbers: C-808-257-0290.
  • Family Center/Information: C-808-257-7790/7787. Fax C-808-257-1808.
  • New Parent Support Program Phone Numbers: C-808-257-8803.
  • Spouse Education, Training, and Careers Phone Numbers: C-808-257-7790/7787.
  • WIC Phone Numbers: C-808-586-8175 (Oahu), C-1-888-820-6425 (Neighbor Isles).
  • Youth Programs/Centers Phone Numbers: C-808-257-7430. C-808-254-7610, C-808-456-1662 (Teen Center), C-808-254-7643 (Teen Center).
  • Dental Clinic: C-808-457-3100.
  • Medical Phone Numbers CIV/DSN/FAX: Naval Clinic at K-Bay, C-808-257-3365, DSN-315-457-3365. Tripler Army Medical Center, C-808-433-6661/2778 ext 11, DSN-315-433-6661/2778 ext 11.
  • Veterinary Services: C-808-257-3643.
  • Beauty/Barber Shop: C-808-254-6585/6588.
  • Commissary Phone Numbers: C-808-257-1465.
  • Exchange Gas Phone Number: C-808-254-2775.
  • Exchange Main Phone Number: C-808-254-3890, Annex, C-808-254-7616.
  • Military Clothing: C-808-254-7616.
  • Financial Institutions: Navy Federal Credit Union, C-866-605-1271. Bank of Hawaii, C-808-254-1551. Windward Community Federal Credit Union, C-808-254-3566. Bank/Currency Exchange: Hours: 0900-1500 Mon-Thu, 0900-1600 Fri, C-808-254-1551, 0.5 mile away.
  • Thrift Store: C-808-636-9074.
  • Postal Services: Hours: 0800-1515 Mon-Fri, C-808-257-2008, DSN-315-457- 2008.
  • Laundry/Dry Cleaning Services: Hours: 0800-1800 Mon-Fri, 1000-1700 Sat, C-808-254-3392.
  • Catering and Rental Phone Numbers: The Officers' Club, C-808-254-7650. Kahuna's Sports Bar & Grill, C-808-254-7660/7661.
  • Clubs Names and Phone Numbers: The Officers' Club, C-808-254-7650. SNCO Club, C-808-254-5592. E Club (Kahuna's Sports Bar & Grill), C-808-254-7660/7661.
  • Places to Eat: Subway are within walking distance. McDonald's and K-Bay Chinese are within a short driving distance.
  • Auto Hobby Shop Phone Numbers: C-808-254-7674.
  • Bowling: K-Bay Lanes, C-808-254-7693.
  • Fitness Center Phone Numbers: C-808-254-7597.
  • Golf Name and Phone Numbers: Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course, C-808-254-1745.
  • ITT/ITR: C-808-254-7563, Camp Smith, C-808-477-5143.
  • Library: C-808-254-7624.
  • Marina: Kaneohe Bay Marina, C-808-254-7666/7667.
  • Outdoor Recreation: Kaneohe Bay Marine Corps Base Outdoor Recreation Services.
  • MWR Phone Number: C-808-254-7518.
  • MWR Website: http://mccshawaii.com/
  • MWR Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mccshawaii
  • MWR Twitter: https://twitter.com/mccshawaii
  • Outdoor Recreation Unique: Outdoor Recreation Services, C-808-254-7666.
  • Outdoor Recreation Text: Outdoor Recreation offers sailing classes, water sports equipment, marina and much more.
  • Swimming Pools Name, Phone, and Text: C-808-254-7655.
  • Theater On Base Name and Phone Number: C-808-254-7642.
  • Things To Do: MCB’s full support facilities are available to guests of this resort. Relaxing on the beaches or boating off the coast are some of the activities you can participate in. No matter what your choice of recreation is, they have something for everyone. You won’t regret your stay at Kaneohe Bay.
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