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Facility Information

  • Address: Luke Air Force Base, 14185 West Falcon Street, Luke AFB, AZ 85309.
  • Information Line: C-623-856-1110, DSN-312-896-1110.
  • Main Base Police: Emergencies dial 911.
  • Main Installation Website:
  • Main Base Location: Luke AFB is located in Glendale, Arizona. The west valley area of Maricopa County where Luke Air Force Base is located is a fast growing area.
  • Directions to Main Gate: From I-10 Traveling East: Take the Litchfield Road/Exit 128 and turn left (north). From I-10 Traveling West or from the Airport: Take the Litchfield Road Exit/128 and turn right (north). The base is approximately 5 miles north of the I-10 exit.
  • NMC: Phoenix, 15 miles east.
  • NMI: Phoenix Air National Guard, 30 miles east.
  • Area Cost of Living: Average compared to the national US average.
  • Main Base Population: Active Duty 4,599, Reservists 818, Civilians 1,206 Students/Rotational 1,200, Family Members 6,700, Retirees 68,900 in summer and balloons in winter to 118,900.
  • Main Base Area Population: 225,000 in Glendale.
  • Base Social Media/Facebook:
  • Base Social Media/Twitter:
  • Child and Youth Registration and Referral Phone Numbers: C-623-856-6338/6339.
  • School Age Care Relocation Phone Numbers: C-623-856-7471.
  • School Liaison Office/Community Schools Phone Numbers: C-623-856-6550/6273.
  • Barracks/Single Service Member Housing Phone Numbers: C-623-856-7841.
  • Beneficiary Counseling Assistance Coordinators Phone Numbers: C-623-856-3079, C-1-888-874-9378.
  • Chapels Phone Numbers: C-623-856-6211.
  • Citizenship and Immigration Services Phone Numbers: C-623-856-7832.
  • Civilian Personnel Office Phone Numbers: C-623-856-7747.
  • Deployment/Mobilization Phone Numbers: C-623-856-6550/6273.
  • Finance Office Phone Numbers CIV/DSN/FAX: C-623-856-7028.
  • ID/CAC Card Processing Phone Numbers: C-623-856-7832.
  • Legal Services JAG Phone Numbers CIV/DSN/FAX: C-623-856-6901, DSN-312-896-6901.
  • Loan Closet Phone Numbers: C-623-856-6550.
  • Non-Appropriated Funds (NAF) Human Resources: C-623-856-7755.
  • PAO Phone Number: C-623-856-5853.
  • Personal Financial Management Services Phone Numbers CIV/DSN/FAX: C-623-856-6550/6273, DSN-312-896-6550.
  • Personnel Support Office Phone Numbers CIV/DNS/FAX: C-623-856-7832, DSN-312-896-7832.
  • Retiree Activities Office (RAO) CIV/FAX/EMAIL: C-623-856-3923, email:
  • Retirement Services (RSO) Phone Numbers/Email: C-623-856-6550/6273, RAO, C-602-353-3033 option 4, press 2.
  • Transition Assistance Program Phone CIV/DSN/FAX: C-623-856-6550, DSN-312-896-6550.
  • Transportation CIV/DSN/FAX: On Base Taxi: C-623-856-6866; Off Base Taxi: C-602-266-1110; Off Base Shuttle/Bus: Greyhound, C-623-936-1156; Super Shuttle, C-602-244-9000; On Base Car Rental: C-623-856-5005.
  • Travel Office Phone CIV/DSN/FAX: C-623-856-6000, DSN-312-896-6000.
  • VA Facilities Phone Numbers: C-602-277-5551, C-1-800-554-7174.
  • Victim Advocate Services Phone Numbers: Family Advocacy, C-623-856-3417.
  • Household Goods/Transportation Office(Inbound) Phone Numbers CIV/DSN/FAX: C-623-856-6425/6424, DSN-312-896-6425.
  • Household Goods/Transportation Office(Outbound) Phone Numbers CIV/DSN/FAX: C-623-856-6425/6424, DSN-312-896-6425.
  • Housing Office/Government Housing Phone Numbers CIV/DSN/FAX: C-623-856-7643, DSN-312-896-7643.
  • Housing Referral Office/Housing Privatization Phone Numbers CIV/DSN/FAX: C-623-388-3515.
  • Relocation Assistance Program Main Phone CIV/DSN/FAX: C-623-856-6550/6273.
  • Relocation Assistance Program POC Phone CIV/DSN/FAX: C-623-856-6550.
  • Welcome/Visitor's Center Phone Numbers: C-623-856-4768/4769.
  • Child Development Center: C-623-856-6338/6339.
  • Community Center: The Community Center, C-623-856-7152 offers event hosting, Theater Group and barber shop.
  • Emergency Relief Services Phone Numbers: C-623-856-6550/6839.
  • Family Advocacy Program Phone Numbers: C-623-856-3417.
  • Family Child Care/Child Development Homes Phone Numbers: C-623-856-7472.
  • EFMP Enrollment Phone Numbers: C-623-856-6550.
  • EFMP Family Support Phone Numbers: C-623-856-6550.
  • Family Center/Information: C-623-856-6550/6273. Fax C-623-856-2067.
  • New Parent Support Program Phone Numbers: C-623-856-3417.
  • Spouse Education, Training, and Careers Phone Numbers: C-623-856-6550/6273.
  • WIC Phone Numbers: C-623-856-3118.
  • Youth Programs/Centers Phone Numbers: C-623-856-7470/6225.
  • Dental Clinic: C-623-856-2273.
  • Medical Phone Numbers CIV/DSN/FAX: Central Appt, C-623-856-2273, DSN-312-896-2273.
  • Veterinary Services: C-623-856-6354.
  • Beauty/Barber Shop: Barber, C-623-249-6789. Beauty, C-623-533-3895.
  • Commissary Phone Numbers: C-632-935-3821.
  • Exchange Gas Phone Number: Bldg 1114 Class 6 & Pumps, C-623-266-0040.
  • Exchange Main Phone Number: C-623-935-2671.
  • Military Clothing: C-623-856-6310.
  • Financial Institutions: Armed Forces Bank, N.A. C-623-535-9766. Credit Union West, C-602-631-3200.
  • Thrift Store: C-623-935-5782.
  • Catering and Rental Phone Numbers: Falcon Dunes Golf Course Catering, C-623-856-8864, C-623-535-9327, Club Five Six, C-623-856-6446.
  • Clubs Names and Phone Numbers: Club Five Six, C-623-856-6446, Club Thunderbolt, C-623-856-6529, Harlows Enlisted Lounge, C-623-856-6446, Zemkes Lounge, C-623-856-6446.
  • Places to Eat: Exchange Food Court, C-623-935-4029 offers Anthony’s Pizza, Charley’s Grilled Subs, Robin Hood, Popeye’s Chicken, Starbucks, Subway, and Pizza Hut. Falcon Dunes Golf Course, C-623-856-8864, Crustano's Plaza Deli, C-623-856-3141, Burger King, C-623-256-6117, Route 56 Grill/Snack Bar, C-623-856-6529.
  • Arts and Crafts Center Phone Numbers: C-623-856-6722.
  • Auto Hobby Shop Phone Numbers: C-520-538-2155.
  • Bowling: Thunderbolt Lanes, C-623-856-6529.
  • Fitness Center Phone Numbers: Bryant Fitness Center and East Side Fitness Annex, C-623-856-6241/4260.
  • Golf Name and Phone Numbers: Falcon Dunes Golf Course, C-623-535-9334.
  • ITT/ITR: C-623-856-6000.
  • Library: C-623-856-7191.
  • MWR Phone Number: C-623-856-6041.
  • MWR Website:
  • MWR Facebook:
  • Outdoor Recreation Unique: Luke AFB Outdoor Recreation, C-623-856-6267.
  • Outdoor Recreation Text: Offers information for hiking, camping, fishing, sightseeing and outdoor tours.
  • Swimming Pools Name, Phone, and Text: Silver Wings Pool, C-623-856-7120, Bryant Fitness Center Pool, C-623-856-6241.
  • Things To Do: See the Phoenix State Capitol Building murals and the Desert Botanical Garden in Papago Park. Pioneer Arizona, a living history museum, and the Phoenix Zoo are also worth a visit.
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