What Happens If You Get COVID While Traveling Internationally?


We at Military Living want to help you plan for your travels. So how can you plan for the chance that you may contract COVID-19 while traveling? This article details everything you should know about the possibility.

TravelAwaits ~ ” The world is gradually reopening, and we are all more than anxious to get back to traveling. Traveling internationally has always been a trickier path to navigate. Between passports, visas, long flights followed by customs, booking housing, transportation, and events in a foreign country, planning trips abroad has never been an easy task. However, international travel now requires a bit more preparation than prior to COVID-19. Entry requirements (visas, testing requirements, vaccination requirements, etc.) vary not just by country, but sometimes by city, and they continue to change almost weekly. Make sure you research testing facilities, or plan ahead and take a home test (or two or three) with you.

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While overseas, if you test positive for COVID-19 during your trip or prior to flying back to the states, you not only cannot get on your flight home, you must also respect that country’s current quarantining regulations. Whether you are exhibiting symptoms or not, a positive test is all that matters in their eyes. Most countries will require a period of quarantine and self-isolation, which ranges from 7 to 21 days. Some countries may also require this if someone in your group tests positive, regardless of the outcome of your test. Therefore, you must be mentally and financially prepared to unexpectedly extend your trip for a few weeks. Depending on the country or region, this quarantine may be completed in a hotel room or a designated quarantine hotel or government facility.

Obviously, a last-minute international stay extension can be financially taxing, and most countries will not assist travelers. In addition to the housing cost, one must also consider the minimum extra expenses incurred for food and additional COVID testing prior to being cleared to return to your home country. Additionally, if you become ill enough to require medical attention, you must be prepared for the health care expenses.

If this is something you wouldn’t be equipped to pay for, we recommend delaying international travel for now, or making sure you have travel insurance that specifically covers medical expenses and “trip interruption” costs due to COVID-19. The good news is many do, but with different limits and rules, so be sure you understand everything about a policy before you purchase it. Many countries require proof of these types of coverage as part of their entry requirements, and some may also require proof of medical evacuation coverage so, again, be sure to match your coverage to the exact specifications of the country you intend to visit.” ~ TravelAwaits

For more information on what happens if you fall ill with COVID-19 while traveling, click the link below.

Source: What Happens If You Get COVID While Traveling Internationally? – TravelAwaits

**Please note: Due to the impact of COVID-19 on travel, we encourage people to always plan trips in accordance with the guidance provided by government and health officials.

Plan for the chance of getting COVID while traveling with this information.

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