Yellowstone Celebrates Its 150th Anniversary This March


Yellowstone National Park will celebrate its 150th anniversary this March! Read on to learn about why this is important and how the National Park will celebrate this incredible milestone.

TravelAwaits ~ ” The nation’s oldest national park is turning 150 years old this year, and a series of events will celebrate the landmark. Yellowstone National Park was established on March 1, 1872, when President Ulysses Grant signed legislation to set aside the land.

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The 150th celebration will begin March 1, and it will start small. Due to the ongoing pandemic, no large events are planned, but park officials hope that can change as the year progresses and if COVID gets under better control.

The celebration will include a lot of input from Native American tribes from the region, with multiple tribal nations participating in the anniversary. Many will be present throughout the summer at Old Faithful as part of the Yellowstone Tribal Heritage Center project. ‘Yellowstone’s 150th anniversary is an important moment in time for the world,’ superintendent Cam Sholly said in a statement. ‘It’s an opportunity for us to reflect on the lessons of the past while focusing our efforts to strengthen Yellowstone and our many partnerships for the future.’

As part of the celebration, tribes will be installing a large teepee village in the park near the Roosevelt Arch, where members will interact with visitors to share their cultures and heritage.

From March through August, park officials will ‘highlight successes in the ecosystem, and open dialogue on the lessons learned from yesterday, the challenges of today, and a vision for tomorrow.’ ” ~ TravelAwaits

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Source: Yellowstone Kicks Off Its 150th Anniversary Celebration Events Starting In March – TravelAwaits

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Celebrate the 175th anniversary of Yellowstone National Park this March!

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